3-weeks solo Norwegian mountaineering-ski expedition

I just returned from a three-week solo expedition mountaineering and skiing in Norway.

I had a strong urge to share my experience with you.

I cherished every step of this solo expedition in the central mountain range of Norway. I carried 35 kilograms of food and ski equipment to reach the wilderness of the ice plane. I pitched my tent in -20 degree Celsius temperature with extreme winds. My Jetboil and the hope of seeing the Northern Lights enabled me to survive in this weather. I understood what it took for Fridtjof Nansens to prepare for polar exploration.

Skiing hard up 2,000 meter peaks to spend one hour skiing non-stop downhill, I enjoyed the remote white landscape.  I traversed a glacier by following footprints in the snow through a blizzard. People have asked me what I thought about trekking in these conditions. In my mind, I thought only about Asian food.

Sitting on a cliff one day under the sun and in the rain, I encountered a disorderly flock of Puffin birds.

Meeting many locals, I was fortunate to receive seven rides to arrive at my destination by hitchhiking. I felt spiritually as well as physically connected to Norway. I did not want to leave this landscape even for one second.  I cry with joy that I have had the opportunity to partake in such a breathtaking, life-altering voyage in my life.


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