Roaming Finland

Eventually, I borrowed Finns Traditional ski. Carrying up 30 kg food and gears, I roamed into the Finland wilderness area in Salamajärvi National Park alone a week. Within the endless, remote white landscape, my emotional fully attached the place a lots. I understand why Finnish people love their nature so much. Every night, I cut some woods and made a fire for dating with northern light and Milky Way. Life becomes so simple to be part of this.

終於借來芬蘭傳統雪板,背上三十多公斤食物和登山裝備,穿上厚厚羽絨雪裝,心存擁抱大自然的胸懷,昂然在嚴冬下到芬蘭荒野 (Salamajärvi National Park) 獨行一週滑雪的旅程。一個人置身於無邊無彊的白茫茫的世界裡,感覺那就是褪盡鉛華的人生的色彩。每天晚上,我都架柴生火去跟極光銀河約會,人生就是這簡單


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