On Ski Norway. 雪板上挪威

Every time I close my eye, the white landscape, the strong wind sound and the cold feeling I still can feel it back very real. 25 meter/s wind speed with -20 degree temperature carrying 20kg backpack on ski is not fun at all. Facing the blizzard, the snow hit my face hardly to ask me to stay alive. With the whiteout condition, we have no clues for orientation. Seriously, we cannot ski or walk mentally and physically anymore. However, this challenge let us know that how lovely the sun and blue sky was granted in the past few days to gaze the splendid of Norwegian landscape. Ten days ski-mountaineering trip, I with my partner Christian Hertel (DE) have a trip in Hardangervidda, Norway, where is famous for polar expedition training with long history. In ten days, we do not meet any person or wildlife. Encountering an endless white landscape, our emotion fully attached the place a lots. We love this place a lot, where hold our truly friendship with magnificent landscape. 每當閉上眼睛,白茫的風景,強風的聲音和嚴寒的感覺,都歷歷在目。 在25米/秒的風速-20度的溫度下,背上20公斤的背包,滑雪是沒有樂趣可言。面對暴風雪,雪像細針地打在我臉。白化的環境,我們完全沒有任何線索去找方向。說實話,我們精神上和肉體上不能再滑雪或行走了。但是,這種挑戰讓我們知道,過去數天的可愛的陽光和藍天能讓我們凝視著燦爛的挪威景觀是難能可貴。 十天登山滑雪之旅,我跟我的合伴Christian Hertel(德國)到Hardangervidda,挪威。這裡是著名歷史悠久的極地探險培訓之鄉。在十天裡,我們沒有遇上任何人或任何野生動物。置身於無邊無彊的白茫茫的世界裡,我們的深深融入每一寸到多的地方,記載著我們真正的友誼與壯麗的景觀。

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