Journey to the sun – Morocco 向太陽出發 – 摩洛哥

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“Returned home for two days, in my mind I can still hear the noise and smell the pungent smoked meat aroma of the Arabic market in Marrakech (Morocco). Indeed, Morocco surprised me many times with its unique landscape and way of life rich with ancient cultural traditions.

Morocco has extraordinary geographic features.  Jebel Toubkal is the highest mountain in North Africa with a snow cap at 4,167 meters. A ten hour journey by bus brought me to the Sahara – an endless sea of sand –to appreciate the life of the Berber nomads.
In the Sahara, don’t worry if you feel too close to the remarkably hot sun. Head west to surf the endless white waves on the North African coast of the Atlantic Ocean.

Morocco can offer many types of terrestrial landscape. However, it seems to me that tourism pollutes the Moroccan soul. My taxi-driver overcharged me exorbitantly and dropped me in the middle of nowhere. People kept asking me for my camera, pants, underwear, food, and backpack…essentially any of my possessions that cost money.

Fortunately, I met kind, welcoming local people on the road and learned about their perspectives and lives.

As-salamu alaykum – may God bless this land of Morocco.

回家2天,我的腦海裡仍然能感覺到阿拉伯語噪聲市場,新鮮、煙熏肉的味道Marrakech (馬拉喀什)。摩洛哥確實給了我很多的驚喜從他們獨特的地貌還是古老的文化景觀。 摩洛哥也許在地球上一個非常特殊的地貌。有北非最高的雪帽山峰 – Jebel Toubkal傑貝爾圖卜卡勒(4167米)。同時,你可以花10小時的巴士之旅,走入無盡的沙海–沙漠撒哈拉去學習Berber(柏柏爾)游牧的生活。到撒哈拉沙漠,如果你感覺到距離烈日太過近的話。不用擔心,一旦你向西走,你將到達大西洋與無盡白浪為你準備去衝浪。我相信,摩洛哥真的可以提供任何一種地球上的景觀。 但是,我覺得旅遊業污染的靈魂摩洛哥的。人們不斷地問我給他們相機,褲子,內衣,食品,背包……基本上所有能買錢的東西你們都想要。幸運的是,我仍然能遇上很多有善的當地人交心,學習他們的觀點和生活。 As-salamu alaykum – 我希望上帝保佑這片摩洛哥的土地

DSC05975 (2)

The land of the Sahara I am coming.


It is time to learn how people survive in the desert.

DSC06167-001 DSC06802-001 DSC07273-001 DSC07556-001

A journey to Jebel Toubkal, the top of North Africa at 4,167 meters.

DSC08151-001 DSC08246-002 DSC08279-002 DSC08512-001 DSC08628-001 DSC08642-001 DSC08648-001 DSC08656-001 DSC08701-001 DSC08751-002 DSC08772-001 DSC08854-001 DSC09036-002 DSC09053-001 DSC09055-001 DSC09186-001

Traveling in the Sahara is challenging. It taught me a great deal. Although the desert was very hot, the night amazed me. I am grateful to Ali for bringing me to his tent and allowing me to hear about his life. I felt very sad that the world is not always fair to everyone…. I hope that I can share my luck with anyone who needs it.

DSC09548-001 DSC09616-001 DSC09679-001 DSC09691-001 DSC09958-001

I cannot believe the amazing coastline and hot weather of North Africa. I loved the atmosphere and the excellent seafood!”


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