5 awesome and 5 awful things in Austrian Alps

Recently, I spent 8 days to the mountains of Austria in Nationalpark of Hohe Tauern. However, there are a number of unusual experiences I never have been in my 9 years of mountaineering history. Therefore, I am glad that today I am able to share for you now. Let start in positive side first.


More information about the trip:

The sound of mountain,  Austrian Alps 仙樂飄飄處處山, 奧地利 http://wp.me/p37bYx-6j




First awesome


The playground of mountaineer – there is full of 3000 meter mountain with various kinds of level to training/changeling up their skills and mind

Second awesome


Full of lovely Alpine Marmot – even you do not have any luck or smell very bad, you should encounter them for sure!

Third awesome


Good facilities for user – even better than Switzerland, you do not have worry about where is the restroom anymore and place to sleep

Forth awesome


Alpine cow greeting – Personally, I love cow very much …..and milk too

Firth awesome


Colorful landscape – everywhere is full of colorful flowers to say hello

First awful


Easily to be robbing – it is my first time that there are two people would like to hurt me and get some money. Eventually, I end up into police station.

Second awful


Endless crevasse – This year have long winter….. The crevasse is still not open even we call now is summer….. So carefully travelling

Third awful


Hard climbing – Although 3000meter is not very high, there is a lot of routes have to ask you to climb a bit. For me, I am a solo alpinist. This is a critical point some time I have to forget about the summit because of high risk involved.

Forth awful


Dragon of avalanche – As I said before, this year is long winter; the mountain is still covered by snow. Therefore, every time tiny men step on the snow. There is very easily to cause an avalanche out….. And, I am unlucky to trap into one of the small avalanche….eventually still alive

Fifth awful


Kissing bug – one night I wake up and I discovered my lip have double size bigger…….so scared and I do not want to see anyone anymore.


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