The sound of mountain, Austrian Alps 仙樂飄飄處處山, 奧地利

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When I do my best to climb slowly up the mountain with whiteout condition, I encountered one group of Czech mountaineers’ descent from the top of Grossglockner (3,798 meter) in very distance. They asked “alone?” I answered “yes”. One elder mountaineer said “Do you forget something on the top? Jesus may be waiting for you!” I do not respond them and keep on fight hard to climb up the cliff and reach the top solely. But indeed, why I have to risk my life to summit the top?

In Jun.2013, I spent 8 days in the mountains of Austria in Nationalpark of Hohe Tauern for mountaineering around Grossglockner (3,798 meter). However, I encountered a lot of trouble/accidents in this trip, which I never been experienced before. Falling into a crevasse, biting by kiss bug, trapping into avalanche, climbing on opening cliff, robbing by theft…….Things keep happening on the road make me feel that my life be threaten. And, I start to think I should stop what I pursing now.

However, mountain is really a fascination place for me to be myself and feel my life. And, my curiosity asked me that I should learn more about mountain until the end of life. Life still, is a journey for preparing departure. Now is a time again to pick up my backpack and go up again.

在雲霧裡,當我花上九牛二虎之力慢慢向上爬時,一隊剛登頂 (格洛克納山Grossglockner)(3,798米)的捷克登山隊迎面碰上。他們問:“一個人嗎?”我回答“是”。一個年長登山者說:“你忘了什麼東西在上面嗎?耶穌可能在等著你!“我沒有回應他們,並保持繼續拼硬爬上懸崖。不過說實在的,為什麼我不得不冒著生命危險峰會頂部?

六月2013,我花了8天高陶恩國奧地利山區的登山格洛克納山(3,798米)左右。不過,此行我遇到了很多麻煩/意外是我從未經歷過的。落入一個冰縫,被吻蟲咬,誘捕到雪崩,攀上開放的懸崖,盜竊搶劫……事情不斷發生的道路上,讓我覺得,我的生命受到威脅。而且,我開始想我應該停止我現在所喜歡的事 ~ 登山。



falling in crevasse


Encountering glory of glacier


summit day…..a lot of people


life is so tiny in mountain


Top of Austria

DSC03680 DSC03788 DSC03696 DSC03682

carefully climbing down




Lovely kiss


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