Adventure on Swiss motorway 瑞士公路奇遇

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Carrying an indescribable pleasure from the summit of the Swiss Alps, I cannot believe that there is more adventurous journey when I hitchhike back my lovely German home.

Waiting about 5mins on the road from Chamonix to Sion, there is one car eventually stop for me. When I take a gaze to the driver, Crazy story again, I was picked up by Mr. Pascal Couchepin (former member of the Swiss Federal Council (1998–2009) and President of the Confederation in 2003 and 2008). Then, we start a very valuable conversation.

Wilson (W): “Mr. President, it is my honor and luck I can meet you by hitchhiking in French border to return your home country.”

President (P) “Young man, come in, what do you doing in Switzerland?”

W : I just summit Grand Combin (4,314 m) and Aletschhorn (4,193 m) and I love Swiss Alps very much.

P : “So you see the largest glacier in Europe and pay hard to summit the mountains.”

W: “Ja! Aletsch Glacier is impressive. However, we picked a difficult way to pass through the glacier before summit the peak. Hard and tired. But, the golden sunset with the sharp end peak is a great reward for me. Roaming in the endless white landscape, I enjoy it very much.”


P : “You know, the village is Grand combine is my homeland.”

W: “Mr. President, yes, I love Grand Combine very much. However, Grand Combine is demanding. Technical ascents with 45 degrees incline on snow, ice and required mixed climbing. Eventually, we summit the peak. However, some groups do not make it and rescued by helicopter.”

…….more dialogues

I really want the journey was never end. Talking with Mr. Pascal Couchepin is very pleasure and valuable lesson for me. He invited me to back his house. We went to his backyard to eat all you can home-growth fruit…… I really miss the moment very much.

(Some conversations are being edited for the story!)





W:我剛剛登上 Grand Combin(4,314米)和Aletschhorn(4,193米)。小弟十分敬愛瑞士阿爾卑斯山地區。



P:“你知道嗎,Grand Combin山谷是我祖家。”

W:“總統先生,是的,我非常喜歡你的Grand Combin山谷。然而,登上Grand Combin要求十分高。45度傾斜,雪,冰和混合攀登所需的技術攀登。最終,我們順利登頂。但是,其他登山隊需要直升機救出。“





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