Are you Inuit? My journey to North (Greenland, Canadian Arctic) 你是因紐特人嗎?我的北極地區(格陵蘭島,加拿大北極地區)

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Are you Inuit? My journey to North (Greenland, Canadian Arctic)

“Are you Inuit??”
When I arrived Greenlandic island – Kitsisarssuit (79 population), one indigenous people approached me without any hesitate and asked. Although my answer made him disappointed, we started a lovely conversation and learn each other culture and lifestyle.

You can say that the Inuit have a greatness life in the world. The indescribable landscapes with eat-all-you-can wild foods always impress me to make a decision to live in Greenland. However, rapidly European modernization and long, darkness winter is really a serious matter to threat the traditional culture and normal living condition. As one Inuit told me:
“Here is our home, here is my life”

The deep connectedness relationship between Inuit and their landscape truly inspired me. And I start to think that Where my natural environment in Hong Kong is?


當我到達格陵蘭島 – Kitsisarssuit(79居民),一位當地人走近我並沒有任何猶豫地問。雖然答案讓他失望了,但我們開始了一段可貴的交談,了解對方的文化和生活方式。



DSC00381 DSC00189

First Polar bear I encounter in my life

DSC09122 DSC09510 DSC00164DSC09750

The classic way to experience and visit Greenlandic Village/towns

DSC00084 DSC00187

Great landscape with great sunset

DSC00319DSC00080DSC00102 DSC00125DSC00034

Surprisely, you can encounter a lot of wildlife in the Arctic circle


Snow and Ice dominate in the Arctic Circle…However, they are changing rapidly

DSC00015DSC00026DSC00076  DSC00047

This is my 14th time I encounter the crazy northern light. Although shooting the pic on board is very difficult, I still can capture some idea about the dance of light by my camera. Very impressive. And, tell me that although my job on board is super demanding, some private moment on board encourage me a lots.


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