2013-2012 first Season of Antarctica

First Chinese charter Antarctic ship

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Seriously, I still cannot believe me that I am able to return Antarctica again. This is my sixth time to work below S60 degree. Every time I physically am into the white continent, there is indescribable feeling for me.

In this season, I start to work with other company with older and smaller vessel to Antarctica. Again, I have to be a guide for 100 Chinese on board. Cultural difference is really a bit for the whole vessel to take Chinese on board. For example, the Chinese stomach cannot have the western food. As a result, there is a lot of wasted food meanwhile the Chinese is still very hungry. I really feel very sad that there is a lot of food waste in here.

In this early starting, the storms get crazy in the drake. We spent three day to pass through the passage with very stormy weather. Basically, everyone is seasick… I am very OK for the rocky sea. I feel that I am so lucky do not need the pill and I still can work on board well. However, most of the Chinese trapped in the cabin for three days without food. When we pass through the drake, people start to in doubt about my expedition and vessel. They wonder why the vessel speeds so slow that they cannot reach Antarctic in six days….. And, some of them think that they will be killed in the stormy rocky sea……my leader said something very true “down to 30 degree, there is no sense, down to 60 degree, there is no god”

One day, people start to introduce themselves and complain the ship. One Chinese said that “our wealth in total for whole Chinese can buy two aircraft carrier… they do not know why they have to suck in the small vessel to Antarctica. I really want to take the fly to reach Antarctica now”… this is truly that Chinese can be one day buy and own a vessel to operate in Antarctica. However, I really do not want this happening…. Otherwise, my lovely Antarctica will change a lot.

Eventually, we reach the Antarctica. Everyone happy. But, the weather is very windy still, about 30-40 knots and there is landing for any people. People start to be crazy….however, down to 60 degree all depend on weather, which cannot be arranged by expedition team. Sometime I believed that nice people will have a nice nature. That why I always have good weather in the mountain, meanwhile some people never have good weather in the nature.

In this year, a report said that there is more sea ice than before. Ship travelling in the Antarctica become more difficult and there is limited of the spot have free ice access. Therefore, our landing plan is always changing time to time. However, Chinese do not accept the changing plan all the time. And, they would like to trap in the sea ice to reach the place they want to be rather than hearing our processional Antarctic expert advice, which they paid money to employee us.. People is crazy, they always true their self even there is an expert nearby for them. I really do not know how the society worked.

When the visitor landing, they always come and ask me. Where is the seal and penguin go?? I told them directly. There is 3 seals and some penguins in here before. However, your previous group get too close for them and they escape when you are landing. I really think and feel that wildlife can recognize who is good people. And, I really hate people to come Antarctica and would like to eat what they meet… I really hate those people very much…..no matter how rich you are

Anyway, the trip is still very good. And, the Chinese group is the best group I have so far. Very respect on me and kind on me. And, my message of love and care the environment pass on them very well. I really wish they have a little of change to go home indeed.  And, I learnt a lot of sail skill and land few new site I never have been. Very lovely experience to learn new skill and enrich my horizon.

I have new aims in my life. I really want to climb in Antarctica. And, I am making two year project to make it happen for sure. And, I really would like to write as new book about my job and what I learn/experience below 60 degree. I really wish more people to be connected and in touch with Antarctica in order to learn they are a part of our lovely earth. In coming year, life get more busy. But, I am more than  happy that I can serve my earth with my limited manpower.

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