2013 second Antarctic Peninsula trip

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Seven times has been Antarctica already. And, I can say this is the best trip I have. We encounter 7 types of whales (2 is very seldom to meet, Arnoux’s Beaked Whale and Sperm Whale), 14 sea brides (5 type of Albatross and one white form of petrels), 3 type of seals, 4 type of penguins with kind of weather condition. The most tried thing for me is be a camping guide. The happiest thing for me is saw a sperm whale very closely. And, the most pleasure thing all passengers are not Chinese. Most of the passengers respect and take good care of me very much. On the last day, all passengers gift us a hand make thank-you card for us…so sweet. And, most of the Taiwanese love me very much as I love Taiwan very much. Now, we just like family and stay together.

WY1C6176 named WY1C5863 named WY1C3231 WY1C4078

In this trip, I saw a lot of species I never meet before.


Blue Whale

Sperm Whale

Arnoux’s Beaked Whale

Dusky Dolphin



Grey-headed Albatross

White form grant petrel

Grey head albatross

 WY1C2913 WY1C2750


As a naturalist, I am very happy to meet more new species of animal and learn more about them. This is an advantage to work on the small ship.


However, there is a disadvantage to work on small ship. We have about 30 crew member to serve 110 passengers. Basically, I have to do anything by order, I tried to clear the washroom, pitch the tent, and dry the tent and sleeping bag for 30 person, repair the boot, diving powerboat, and help in provision, translator, and entertainer in the dining room. So busy day And, I tried to work not-stop for 3 days in total…..Crazy job indeed.


However, all of my co-workers are very experienced in polar and I learn a lot of things from them. Some of them live in Antarctica 3 years and some of them are in the space project.


The most pleasure thing to work for western passenger is they always ask very deep sense questions to help me to think more about the topic. Moreover, they love to help us and crew members. For example, they will help us to bring the glass and dish nearby the washing area before leaving. And, they are willing to help us to carry some items to back on board… instead of some Chinese passenger make a trash everywhere and go away. The most important, although the Chinese passenger have enough money to buy two aircraft carriers… However, they do not pay any good tips than western passengers…There is a reason why Chinese tourist be unliked in global


When we are near Ushuaia, I have Dusky Dolphin to play around the ship to welcome us back. Amazing experience!!… However, next trip is Chinese charter ;-<

WY1C6176 named




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