Third Antarctic trip Chinese charter

Third Antarctic trip Chinese charter.

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As usual, Chinese charter vessel is always very stressful for all members in the ship. Surprisedly, this group of Chinese brings me a lot of new insight and change my mind about Chinese visitor (in positive way).


Hotel manager told me “Please enter the restaurant, now just like entered 80’s Victorian period, everyone dress up and eat quietly and politely!!” The table does not messy and the food do not wasted. Somewhere I do not believe in my eye.


This trip is very relaxed than my expected. All passengers love me very much because of my poor language. They told me “Although I do not understand what you translating, I only love your mandarin with Hong Kong sense!”. Somehow disadvantage is an advantage..!!

WY1C8051 WY1C7931

More I drive the powerboat; I discovered that I love to full speed to roam in Antarctic channel very much. People should keep move to learn the environment… Although I have been Antarctica more than 8 times, I still very keen to learn and experience more about her veils.


In this trip, The most amazing is, there is one penguins to come very close to me and eye to eye with me for a minutes…My first mind is “do you recognized me? ”


Finished my third trip, I head back Europe for my two exams. However, I still have 6 trips have to go in next year.

WY1C7167 WY1C7003 WY1C6316


2 responses to “Third Antarctic trip Chinese charter

  1. These are some phenomenal images! Really awesome stuff and some super amazing shots as well! I do not know how more people have not liked this post! It is that good! Thanks much for sharing this with the blogging community!

  2. I agree, the pics are amazing!!! Love the one of the two zodiacs and the lying down penguin with the others out of focus 🙂

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