Fourth Time – Falkland + South Georgia + Antarctic Peninsula

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This is my second time to spend New Year in Antarctica. However, I realized that I change lots. I still love Antarctica very much. But, I feel that working in the polar tourism is limited my ability and thinking. And, I think this is a time to move on to the new stage of life.


In this trip, we encountered a lot of amazing moments. Basically, I saw all the species on the species list so far. And, I have very close encountered moment with three types of whales (Hamback, Fin and Minke whale), which help me understand them a lot.

WY1C6579 WY1C3643 WY1C5838

Everything is fine on board! Good working team and I started to get experienced in the region (some place I have been 7 times up). And, good food on board and I have more time to work my personal stuffs. However, one almost dead experience really changes my point of view.

WY1C4611 WY1C5200

On 30.DEC.2013, I am almost be killed by one visitor from Asia. We offer a ten minutes sea ice landing on the opening water with full of iceberg… as usual, they return my boat late (cultural difference to their ten minutes relatively to the universal ten minutes). But, all sea ice is starting close up by the strong ocean current. When I try to return the ship following the way I entering the ice stream, the ice sea blocked the entrance and all open water become less and less. One person do not on time, ten life on my boat, one of my hand drive the boat in very high speed to search for an escape way. However, all channels were blocked by the ice and I call for rescue navigation immediately. Very lucky, they give me an open way to escape from the closing ice sea and return the ship. But, the people start to complains and ask for more and more….. I really do not know why I risk my poor life (my salary now cannot support my life in Europe) to under directed by the richest (no brain) people who do not trust and respect the experienced guide (me) in the remoteness Antarctica as other nationalists did. I always think, they want to kill themselves is fine for me (good for the world too). But, I prefer to be killed before I fully contribute back to my society and my dearest earth. I need to change my life.

WY1C6072 WY1C6068 WY1C6904

Positively thinking, I still have 5 more trips to Antarctica to end of my season til MAR.2014. Long way to go, But, I start to get more familiar in the area to start my personal project – Mountaineering in Antarctica (self guiding). So, No pain, No gain. Work hard and play hard.

WY1C4952 WY1C4602 WY1C6212

I really love to smell the soil taste in Ushuaia a lot.


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