Great whale – 9th Antarctic trip 2014 (5 times in this season)

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This is my fifth trip in this season to go down south Antarctica. Although sometime the weather cannot give a permit for landing and watching, the passengers still keep it as a part of Antarctic experience. This is much more relax to work with all western passengers, who is respect, polite and take everything what we say as serious and follow the guide rule as well. Therefore, we manage to explore and discover the southern ocean in the trip.


Some passengers take care me as their son and family members. And, I do learn and think about life from them a lot. The most touching heart thing is they support my studying lots indeed. And, I promise each of them, I will study well and contribute the society in order to feedback their support.

In this trip, our expedition team encountered some moment is very unique and special.

WY1C1057 WY1C1055

On 16/JAN/2014 nearby paradise bay entrance, we met a group of Type A killer Whale to kill and feed a Antarctic shark (to be confirm). If the Antarctic shark confirm, then it is the first sign report of the Antarctic shark indeed.

WY1C9214 WY1C9207

On 12/JAN/2014 at sea to South Orkney, we met a right whale feeding in the ocean and playing with our ship as well. The right whale was dramatically killed during whaling industry. The northern right whale cannot recover the population already. However, the southern right whale has more chance to retain back the normal population. So, this is so lucky that we can meet right whale again.


During this trip, my attention was drawn into the marine mammal whale. We managed to encounter around 5 times of humpback whale breaching. This is amazing to watch such huge animal to jump off the sea in the white landscape.  Once whale have enough food and reproduction, they start to build up curiosity (same as me–without sex but). And, they will jump with their few tons of heavy body to look around. At the moment, my mind behind the naked eye has the same curiosity to work in Antarctica and watch the whale breaching. Life is amazing!!


Every day is a good learning experience in Antarctica. And, I am going to have my tenth trip to Antarctica. But, is a Chinese charter ;-< ….. However, I still have 4 trip to go. And, the last one is mountaineering trip YEAH

Sunset pretty



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