10th scared Antarctic Peninsula

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Decision, in German meaning, separate from the familiar condition. In this trip, there is two things happened to change and make up my mind about my work in Antarctica.


On 24/January/2014, I write my first incident report to captain in Antarctica. Very scared story personally and I still very fear about it every time I re-think about the whole rescue process. Lucky, I rescued the person from the sea.


On 27.JAN.2014, nearby Gourdin Island. Second incident in this trip, there is 30-40 passengers, crews with expedition guide on 3 zodiac trapped in the ice flow for more than2 hrs..And, one passenger gets hypothermal. Again, very scared story to be surrounded by the iceberg and ice flow. Lucky, we make our way back to the ship to warm up my frozen body..However, second group passengers complain that why they cannot do the ice flow landing as the first group did……Therefore, I bring my cold body out again to work…. I worked in Antarctica tenth times already.. This day is the coldest day I can feel in Antarctica.


All incidents asks me again, should I risk my life and work in such high risk environment with very low salary….Indeed, my mental really cannot cope with this deal. Receiving unfair salary to take full responsibility to the tourists (who may not respect or they think their experience and knowledge far better than the guide) and risk my life in order to ensure their safe in Antarctica. I have to change my life in 2014 indeed…. No matter how much I love Antarctica. I do not mind to risk my life….But, I just want to risk my life in more meaningful way for myself.

WY1C1610 WY1C1981 WY1C2811

More positively perspective, in this Antarctica peninsula trip, we managed to encounter a variance of babies of each sea bird.

– Skua

– Kelp Gull

– Gentoo Penguin

– Chinstrap Penguin

-Giant Petrel


Wilson, please hold on! You still have 3 more trips, 2 months more to go

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