Entering Antarctic Circle- 66 degree south

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This is my eleventh time to be Antarctica already. And, I can feel that the winter of Antarctica will come very soon in next month. Wind picking up and wave try to rule the ocean again. The weather is getting colder than the beginner of the season. And, I still cannot imagine that I work in here since November already. Moreover, I realized that I am getting familiar about the landscape and environment of the whole Antarctic Peninsula… feel as a homeland.



This is my first time to spend my birthday in Antarctica. Everything is good. I receive all the greeting from worldwide. And, the whole expedition team celebrates my birthday with small gift. The port lockory girls also offer me a lovely gift too. The most amazing thing is the minke whale swim under my powerboat again…. I really like whale very much.



Moreover, this is my second time to cross the Antarctic Circle again. And, we arrive the southern part of the peninsula, Detaille island, where was a UK base W for military operation in WWII. Personally, I love to visit the historical site of Antarctica very much. Maybe there is no much cultural element in Antarctica. Therefore, small records of human history in Antarctica really make feel me very fantasying.

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I cannot wait for season end to be honest. But, I am getting ready for my last Antarctic trip – mountaineering in Peninsula.





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