The most southern Solo Terk – Dientes Circuit, Chile

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After 4 months working in Antarctic season, I feel I really need a place to stay alone and be myself at a moment. Therefore, I took 2 week off to do the most southern trekking in the world, Dientes Circuit, Chile.


First day, I took the powerboat (120US$, covered by third party in my case) to 20 min from Ushuaia to Chile and take a bus a hr to arrive Puerto Williams. At once, I found a Sir shackleton boat in here. Then, I cannot wait and go into the deep forest.


In Chile or Argentina, there is a number of street dog love to follow you and go a walk/hike. In my dream, I really love to own a dog and walk/hike to the mountain. And, I love to hang out with them in my solo trekking.


First day, I feel very tried… I walk about 4 hr and I found a dry good steppe and sleep away. But, I laugh very much because I do not see so green and quiet environment from Antarctica. I love nature very much indeed, especially alone.

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Next day, the wind is getting very strong, about 40 km/hr, I even cannot stand still.. Anyway, I reach the first camp easily. And, I start my worst part of my trip.

Because the wind very strong, sometime at 60km/hr with rain/snow. There are more than 3 team retreated because of their tent damaged…. Crazy… And, I cannot sleep very well as well. But, My strong HK luxe tent save my life again in the extreme weather.


After 3 days, I trapped in the first camp. I cannot stand in one spot too long. Therefore, although the weather is not very good, I still go on to high pass in order to keep going to my trip. But, the white landscape make me feel very comfort. However, the wind is still very strong and I get very cold and wet very quick……. Eventually, I found a dry land for tenting and put my tried body to sleep.


At 4 am. I wake up naturally, because I think I saw a milky way… .Yes, is a milky way. Wow, so pretty milky I can encounter again. I never see such pretty again.


Next day, my heart is very happy and smile all day. And, the sun is shine and I start to dry all of my items before I keep go on my rest of the trip. Suddenly, I heard a strange sound….is a beaver…. I cannot believe that I can encounter as well.


On my way, I met a Swedish guy. He is a solo trekker as well. As we share similar Nordic personality. I do not talk with him too much and we enjoy the solo space and time at all…… yes, I discover that I am a Nordic outdoor Practitioner.


Eventually, we camp in the same dry land. And, we start to talk about reindeer, northern light and Nordic hot girl…….amazing.

Thanks for Taiwanese provision from the ship. This is leftover food for me, which give me great energy for my trip.


The area I travel recall my memory of lake district, England, recall me a lot of memory.


End of the trip, we pass though the deep forest again. Then, I go back Ushuaia at once because the bad weather is coming again.



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