Mountaineering Antarctic Peninsula

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“You are from Hong Kong!! To be my mountain guide in Antarctica??” one client on board expressed his feeling.


Indeed, I still do not believe that I am able to be a mountain guide in Antarctic Peninsula (where is heavy glaciered landscape) and deliver mountaineering trip for total 75 climbers to enjoy the mountain landscape of Antarctica. People keep wondering why one Hong Kong young man is able to work in Antarctica and climb a high mountain and cross through the glacier. To be honest, I do not know why I can do so too… But, I really enjoy the mountain landscape of Antarctic Peninsula Mountain and share the joyful of mountaineering.


To be a mountain guide, I discovered that I love to share the beauty and joyful in the mountain. However, leading a mountaineering trip in Antarctica is not so easily. The arduous logistics a, the complete absence of rescue and support facilities upon arrival and the mind-boggling solitude in a hard-to-grasp wilderness setting make my job become difficult and hard. But, with my previous Antarctic expedition guide experience and the Alps mountain technical skill, I am able to bring all the happy face to summit in Antarctic Peninsula. Most importantly, partnership with my co-worker, Benthod also is a key success. I love to work as a partnership very much.


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