Arctic Norway and Sweden Skiing tour 2014

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If your life does not know how to ski, your life is wasted!!! More I ski in the Nordic countries, more I crazy about ski and the white landscape. I cannot wait for next year winter coming soon!!!


Indeed, when I spent 4 months long on working in the Antarctica, I always think about skiing in Norway. Before, the Antarctic season start, I already book my ticket to bodo, Norway and went to Norway mentally.

Luckily, My Norwegian friend, Asbjørn, has a new position inside the Arctic Circle. Therefore, I set his place as my base camp to hunt the northern light and ski. However, this year, the snow is not very good……or there is not much snow…..My dream of skiing was a bit disappointed. But, I love to spend ten quiet days with myself to plan and recover.


After ten days visiting, I headed south to visit other friend of mine in Trondheim, for Sweden ski trip.

I spend 2 days with my friend, Magnus….. He is the cool guy. The most impressive thing is he has a lot of skis, which more than the chopsticks I used in my life. And, he had very lucky, warmth family in my eyes.


Without any stressful, I with magnus with two Czech ski (Zdenek and Paavo) partners to head to Sylarna mountain for four days skiing tour in Sweden.

Indeed, I cannot imagine that Sweden have such pretty white landscape, according to the picture from the hut. This is because we saw only whiteout during the whole trip. But, I can ski in the unlimited white landscape is amazing experience.


The day I left, Oslo was raining… the city recalled my close relationship with nature. I learnt a lot in here. I learnt cross country ski by youtube in here and started for skiing each year. I met a lot of good people in here. I am so sorry that I have 10 hr in Oslo therefore I cannot meet all of you my dearest friends in Oslo. But, I will comeback very often in this summer because I signed the arctic contract in the ship again….


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