The best colorful landscape – Iceland 7 day Trekking (LANDMANNALAUGAR > SKOGAR)

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Wow… 7 days on the trail, 7 kind of landscape experience. I bet that this can happen only on Iceland – Volcanic, Glacier, Ice cave, Stream Spa, Tundra, Waterfall, Desert and Coastline. If you want to experience all the landscape in one single trip, Iceland is the best destination for you!


Indeed, Iceland is very expensive country so far I travelled. 7 days trekking spend me 120 Euro (only cover the bus and campsite fee only). Therefore, for budget traveler (as me), Please bring your own food and tent, hitchhike on the road. You still can enjoy the amazing outdoor in Iceland.


The weather in Iceland I can say like lady’s heart very much. When I try to enjoy the sun shine, the shower will come to cool you down. However, when you really need water in the middle of desert, the weather will become so dry that I just want to kill yourself. So, please prepare all kind of the weather you will engage!! The most dangerous thing I think is the active volcanic, please read all Emergency evacuation plan before you go ahead!

IMG_9616 IMG_9635

For the first day, LANDMANNALAUGAR is the very big campsite for all tenting visitor. The famous spot of this place is color mountains/landscape due to the mineral from Volcanic. Indeed, you just like to enter the fancy world. After explored the area, there is an amazing activates you should try – hot bath from the underground thermal, which is really making the day better than heaven.


On the trail, I met a lot of German, French people. Lucky, I can speak a bit German and French. Once they know that I am from Hong Kong and travel alone. They started to donate a lot of good free good for me…. So lucky a lot of people take care me so much all the way. In the last day, I even receive a spring roll from a German couple plus free ride!!! Life is good!


The most impressive thing for me in Iceland, even I have a lot of wilderness area, is the formation and color of landscape. This is a very special one life experience. Now, get yourself into the mud of Iceland.

IMG_9708 IMG_9752

Other attraction in the trail is ice cave, which created by the underground thermal! Warning, please do not attempt to get inside the cave!! In each year, some tourists were killed by the cave collapsing. But, if you have professional guide and equipment, this is other must experience to be surrounded by the blue world.

IMG_9946 IMG_0403

By the way, Icelandic landscape is very preserved. And, there is not much bridge to cross the river. Therefore, you have to take off your boot to cross the icy water with sharp rock under your feet.


For me, the most cherish thing in the trail is watching the rainbow each days. Sometime, I saw double rainbow too. In the legend, you will find a treasure at the end of the rainbow. When I was in Iceland, I do my best to search at the end of the rainbow.. However, I found nothing but myself……. At the moment, I realized that I already found the treasure in the world – health, friendship, family and freedom of roaming. There is no point for me to waste my time to depress and sad because I already found a wonderful life in the nature world.

IMG_0395 IMG_0701

Thanks Iceland to give me so amazing outdoor experience. I feel happy and positive into the Icelandic landscape. I promise myself to return this land in each summer!!


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