A month with Emperor Penguin

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Today 3 am in the early morning, outside temperature is -27 degree. The severe headache keep me awake all night long. And, I just pee in my pee bottle, but I miss the aim that my air mattress is full of ice now. I ask myself why I come all the way 80 degree south to suffer in here? Sadly, I still have 90 days to answer this questions during my working in Union Glacier.


What Wilson work in Antarctic continent NOW!!


Currently, I work in guest service, mainly because of my language skills (poor English and poor mandarin) in Antarctica continent from NOV to JAN.2015. Good side of my job is I have to follow all Chinese guests wherever they visits, Visiting emperor penguin, Skiing to South Pole, Summiting Mt Vinson. In the down side, I have to do anything related…. collect pee bottle, take care their stuff and food, show them around Antarctica and carry their overweight bag to south pole and the peak with my shed! However, I am the first Hong Kong ese who get pay to South Pole ! (Usually, you have to pay $$$$$$$$ to visit there for few hrs). No pay, gain much, why complains!


Good team to work, work to good team

First day I work, I already oversleep until 10 am. And, I miss all of the staff meeting and the duty I need to do. Lucky, my manager understand there is 24 hr sunlight upon my head to make people misunderstand the time. And, all of my colleagues help me to catch up the team well. In each day, I learn a lot of new stuff on the ice, driving skidoo and truck, learning to fly the aircraft, keeping warm in the cold weather and making positive mind in worst situation.


Short life penguin, my life is short!

The most impressive moment for me is encountering 6000 emperor penguins with their chick on the sea ice. I think Emperor penguins chick is the most cute bird in the world (I still love other sea birds). However, it is very sad for me to see a lot of dead baby cannot make it after first few days when they just come to the world. Only 50% of emperor penguins chick can survive. Life is too short. Life is not born for earning money, tracing a high social level or life quality. In our limited of time, we have to do something we like to do before departure. So, I decide to spend my whole savings to learn flying soon.


Visitors make their way to be special to other!!

I served a numbers (> 3000 so far) of Asian guests in Antarctica. Most of them share similar behaviours to make their life time Antarctic experience become more unique. Bring their cameraman crew with news reporters and write a book about their single journey in the south (And, they used to neglect other people who have more rich experience with longer time in here). I always ask myself why the people like to spend a crazy amount of carbon footprint and money to here and spend 15 mins to take pic with the penguin and go back home? Why only rich people can come here to rule the Antarctica ?


Please forgive me my dearest penguins. I wish you never be disturbed by human before and never! I really feel very sad that I bring more tourists to come to you more often indeed.


My dearest friends, I have to stop here. The vapour from my nose condense on computer screen and keyboard and become solid ice again and again. I will type more next time





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