Short tour – best Svalbard Spitsbergen island 2015 JUN

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After 2 months resting from Antarctic season, I feel home’s air and humidity once I arrive Longyearbyen.

In this trip, I start to learn more about the birds (King Eider) and Sei Whale


In this 21 day trips, I encounter 5 polar bears so far…

And, I meet The best Chinese Group I worked with never so far


After the last landing in Alkhornet, I hand out my firearm…my arctic job is done and head back German Home now…In this trip,I learn more about myself in the arctic. I realized that happiness all depend on the way of thinking.. I have a cool job, worldwide lovely friends who care me, close relationship with wildlife and landscape and I can travel on the planet freely…..Although my life is mess up a bit….I still think my life is pretty good.


Arrive my lovely german place with super hot weather (36 degree), I start to miss yesterday in the arctic with wildlife nearby indeed. And, it is my first time to photography Beluga whale!!





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