21 Days Italy + Switzerland Alps mountaineering tour (July2015)

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21 Days Italy + Switzerland Alps mountaineering tour completed!! I discovered that there is a lot of amazing fact I made in this trip:


Total budget I spent in total: 330 Euro (if I do not stay in the hotel in Zermatt, I can save 120 euro more…damn)

Total hitchhike : 13 rides

Total physical high reached : Dom (4545m) + Rimpfischhorn (4199 m) + Breithorn (4165 m) + Mont Dolent (3,820 m) + Dent d’Hérens (4171 m) + Gran Paradiso (4061 m) = 24,961 m in total

Total body weight loss : 4.6kg

Total weight of backpack carry : 22 kg


Anyway, everything upon is not important. The most important thing is I know myself more well during climbing alone with myself.


This is very nice for me to meet back my Italian friends in Aosta!! He still make a good pasta for me like 5 years ago I met (the first time I come the Alps for my first Mt Blanc climb).


Indeed, Solo mountaineering is very stressful. And, my mental status get tired easily when the terrain get complicated. Imagined that you are the only one in the mountain within 10 km without any sign of human! (I do see some animals nearby, one day a marmot came to steal my food at night)…so far only me to face the problem with myself all the time. Sometime, the fear will take over my confidence and I need few minute to stop, rest and refocus what I am doing on the high wall or icy ice wall! But, Sometime, my confidence will take over my mind and start to do something very subjectively risk behaviour… Again, Stop, rest and refocus can help.


The most scared thing is I saw an accident. A biker fell from the downhill and whole face-bone fracture….. I cannot recognize him anymore…we cannot do anything just call the helicopter. This recall my memory of my partner who fall from the cliff and was killed immediately… I remember the scenery and smell clearly…….


Anyway, My dream be a 4000 er come close, I still have half way to go!


Never let confidence overtake, always shame on room of improvement! summit 7 around 4000 peak in this trip. My physical is pushing hard already! But, I have to stress my system harder and faster more in order to climb higher in budget way!


I really wish, one day, I can climb with my life partner and share my passion of mountain with her

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