Land of hate and love – Iceland 2015

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I still remember 3 years ago. I spend 5 days trekking alone in the most amazing hiking trail in the world in the highland of island to south coast.. Iceland always bring me a lot of good memories as well as not so nice memories in my life. But, I promise myself, I will come back this land and be surprised by her beauty and cute.


I love Iceland!! Crazy wildlife, breathtaking landscape, tasty water with fresh air and easy hitchhike road make me feel comfort during travelling Iceland. I love her changeable weather condition to make me never feel boring. Every night I slept, she always bring me a bit comfort cold with warm caring inside my tent.


I hate Iceland!! Windy, rainy, expensive and different mind people with cold air.  Landscape change people mind and culture. Iceland do make people become a bit different. The wind, the rain and the weather make Icelandic become very easy to approach as well as far away even you are next to them. I love to be with Icelandic people as well as keep a bit distance in order to get a bit closer with them.


I do not know it is a crazy idea or not. I start to apply a master degree in university in Iceland. The most concern to stop me is the expensive living cost and the darkness winter (as I have bad expensive in Oslo winter…very depressive)… But, in order to fall in love with her, I have to be with Iceland and discover her darkness side in winter.


Love and miss you, see you next year

Special thanks by dear friend who share same photographic passion – SveinnMichaelson

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