West Greenland 2015 – When the Sun meet iceberg

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This is my third times I work in Greenland, where is the land have small part of green area (in summer)! I still remember the first time I came Greenland. I do not have much feeling to this place. However, the more I come Greenland, the more I attach to their culture and landscape. This maybe because I know more about the people who live over there, or I start to understand their landscape and history more. Anyway, I feel more emotional attached to Greenland and her people. After this trip, I start to plan my next expedition in Greenland for next season.

IMG_5211 IMG_3103IMG_4103-001

This Greenlandic flag carry my top-secret in my corner of mind!!

IMG_3074 HGW_4546 copy IMG_3490-001  IMG_4935

One of my best moment during this trip is Sunset zodiac cursing operation nearby Ilulissat!! Bring the person I love most and drive zodiac with her in between the golden-colour iceberg under the sunset is my dream I longed to. Indeed, I love to watch the sunset very much. I really hope I can find Miss. Right soon and share with great sunset with me everyday. However, I do noticed that this dream will never happen in this reality.


And, this is my first to watch iceberg when I am enjoying the ice-cream in the restaurant


IMG_4157-001 IMG_4125

Hunter market !!

IMG_3970 IMG_4182-001 IMG_4194-001

Two happy things in Nuuk, Greenland’s capital, happen on me. When I walk along the “city”, a one year-old kid approach me and get some soil from the group to my hand. I watch this kid with mother to take-on the bus. He give me endless goodbye at the end. Then, once I arrive the Nuuk Museum, I receive the most northern letter from the most important person in my life. Although I am in the remoteness place, love can be feel anywhere I have been. Maybe this is the reason I should keep my poor life a bit longer.

IMG_3417 water

With Northern light in south Greenland



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