25 days Wind and Emperor Penguin in Weddell Sea 2015

Great to be back Antarctic continent again…. Indeed, I just realized that this is my fifth season worked in Antarctica. Some people said first year work in Antarctica is for experience, Second year is for money, Third year is because you cannot live with this place. Indeed, Antarctica do always give me very unique place to rest and think. And, I re-discovery myself more and more to live and work in this pure wilderness for 5 months in each season.



Working with the Crazy weather on the sea ice

This year, the Antarctic weather system have something wrong. There is always have crazy wind and snow storm in the Antarctica, which make the air operation become difficult and hard. Therefore, my work on the ice from 5 days only become 25 days with all the delay due to bad weather and challenging operation.


My dearest Southern most friend, Why you come so close

Indeed, Emperor penguin always make me crazy… I discover the penguin always come to me very closely all the time. Sometime, they even drop by my tent when I am sleeping too. I read some book told that Penguins do have 12-year old human intelligence… I wonder, does Mr. Penguin remember my visiting from last year ??


Suffering Death Snow Storm

Spending 25 days on the sea ice with penguin, we had 5 snow storms, average 25-30 knots wind with snow storm! The wind is so strong that I even cannot breathe the air easily. Every each snow storm finished, we always found a number of died chicks around everywhere. The Emperor Penguin do have hard season in this year. I wish I can share my lucky with them and meet the healthier and happier penguin in next season.


Wilderness Value on human perceptive


Indeed, Antarctic wilderness have different value on different people. Meanwhile, Antarctica also make me easy to see the weakness and darkness of humankind. Some people think I came to Antarctica to conquer something which other people cannot do.. (In my view, they ready are normal adventurers and they do not know a number of people did something more respectful and meaningful before)… Look themselves too much!! Life on the Southern Ice really teach me a lots.


Eventually, the deep blue sky come back in front of my eye again after 25 days. Time to cache all the camp and food for next season.


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