Greenlandic Cold – Scientific research – May.2016

Greenlandic Cold- Scientific research – May.2016

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The Arctic carries a lot of memories of mine
The love I regard, the dream I wish, the legend I believe, the culture I respect
All of them blowing on the arctic cold dry wind into my mind
But, I still try to learn from Greenlandic kids always smile in this coldness arctic.

I am very glad to assist Hong Kong researching team in Greenland in May.2016. This is very glad for me to change my job nature from tourism to scientific research assistant. Great insight for me to witness how researcher to carry their passion in the Arctic region.

In this trip, I met a lot of people on the road.
Fish-men, oil-printer, Greenlandic kids, Witness, Air-Crew, Hunter and Researcher
We chat, We laugh, We depart, we say good bye
We try to search for common things in our life.
Everyday, We would like to wake up on the same time on the same bed to catch the same bus to go back the same office to meet all the face familiar with us.

Life is always seeking for stable, predictable routine.
That why we need to travelling!!
We try to leave our daily fixed routine in order to have a unpredictable journey.
We wake up in different time zone on the ship cabin to meet the face from worldwide.
However, we still enjoy the same great sunset in the one ocean with crystal clean air.

Life is simple smile like the Greenlandic kids on the pier waiting for new facing.



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