Denali 2016 – Top view of Gulf of Alaska


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Alaska is one of the Arctic region I am longing to be very much. Denali mountain bring me a chance to visit Alaska and give me a place of deep thinking when I was working hard in this last frontier.


Lucky, a group of Hong Kong mountaineers would like to climb the top of North America – Denali (6,190 m). And, they would like some extra assistance on their expedition!! Game on for me on other Arctic dream trip again.


Prefect Weather Window with Luck

IMG_6758 IMG_7243 IMG_6140 IMG_5746

Denali is famous for craziness weather system and physical demanding in her long approaching route. However, our group managed to reach the top within 2 weeks under prefect weather condition. I still remember to the view of summit can reach as far as the gulf….This is impressive view I have been seen (Still The alps is the best !!!). Once we descend the summit, the wind start to pick up and we heard that there is a recues mission afterward because of the strong wind. To be honest, if our timing is not that prefect, we may end up very messy situation…Nice people and nice weather!!


Full Mountain of my dearest friends


Happy surprise that I meet up a lot of friends and colleague who worked in Antarctica together. All of the greetings and hugging with small conversation keep me entertaining with my heavy workload in the mountain. Thanks Todd French toast in the medical 14 thousand ’feet camp.


Mountaineering NOT for summit… my way to home and heart

IMG_6815 IMG_5335 IMG_6925

In the whole trip, I keep asking one question in my button of heart. Why so much people come here to climb the top ??? Indeed, I really do not understand why people pay a lot of money, suffering in the cold, dry, wind condition. The person know me well noticed that I really do not care about the summit. In my view, mountaineering is my way to home, where I feel comfort and peace so that I set myself free fully to wonder into all mountain place (included the top of mountain).


Two things I learn for myself

IMG_5888 IMG_6251

Same problem in Aconcagua….Once I reach very high attitude over 4000m with heavy workload. My eye will lost vision temporarily. One of my mountaineer in the group is a doctor who suggest me to take some altitude medicine….Dramatically , one pill solve my vision in 30min and keep all the way to the top. Very glad I have the solution indeed.


The most highlight of this expedition for me is to be a co-pilot in Alaska. This is magnetic to fly and land on glacier… Rewarded duties in my view


However, after I go back low ground, the nightmare is happening…….unpack to repack to repair to pack……once I sit on the first chair after two weeks…I really cannot move anymore and enjoy the comfort moment for a while. But, my smelly body reminded that life in the mountain is great (Sorry for the hotel housekeeper as the bathroom is full of black, oily layer after shower because of us)

IMG_7514 IMG_5442


Hopping I can make one of my dream come true – sailing the North-East passage from Alaska to Norway.



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