Iceland 2016 Moving On

Iceland 2016 Moving On


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There is no way to return the past and the reason is clear that every stage is not the same. And, this is how it is and I do not know good or bad. People, country, culture and relationship cannot keep constant as everything is moving on.


As I remember my first visiting Iceland (working on the ship as usual) 5 years ago, Iceland brought me a feeling of silent, mystery and peace on the land and river. However, the rapidly increase of tourism’s population change the entire Iceland’s society dramatically. Nothing is last since everything passed will not stay forever. I do still watch the same extraordinary landscape, bring a surreal experience under the mid-night sun with clean crystal arctic cool air. I felt everything is moving on in the deep inside.




When man get older, we think more clear and feel more deeper which may push myself in danger. Maybe is a time to stop a while and keeping moving on with the mainstream.


Blessing Iceland



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