Surreal Kuril Island 2016 : The surreal island Archipelago

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Surreal Kuril Island 2016 : The surreal island Archipelago

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The active volcano, wilderness landscape, friendly wildlife, diversity of the plants and fascinating geopolitics. If you want to set foot on the place, where is full of unknown and myths. To feel the real adventurous expedition, Kuril Island is a place can make you feel that we still do not know our planet very much.


Why we need exploration
Exploration is our instinct. We have to keep exploring outside world in order to understand who we are and the meaning of our life. That why we desire to set foot on the place of unknown, where may full of unnecessary risks and dangers! The outcome of the exploration may be meaningless and pointless, but the process we pursue may lead us to the new direction of life.


Lucky me !! Return to origin
In 2011, I got a chance to work in Antarctica when I was a hut-keeper in the Swiss Alps. In this Kuril expedition, I am so lucky that I got a position back to the expedition ship I worked first time. Meeting back all the face I know well and working with the great expedition team really make me feel I am very lucky to have such works on this planet.


Where is Yankicha, Tulenyi island, Chirpoy island, Atlasova island and Pitchi island?
Before this expedition, I personally spend a lot of time research on different recourse. However, the information about Kuril is really very limited. But, the region is very famous for bad weather, complicated history, a lot of volcano and wildlife!!
Personally, the most impressively highlight of Kuril archipelago is Yankicha!! Where is a volcanic island that the boat can get into the caldera! Amazing view to the top of the edge of volcanic with seabird and arctic fox!

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Tulenyi island, Sakhalin island, Russia! Surreal to encounter countless sea lion and fur seal on the zodiac! Very joy to eye to eye contact with this lovely creature! And we met fin whale and sperm whale on our way to Korsakov!

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Watching the lava at night in Chirpoy island from the top of the volcano is other surreal experience! We did some zodiac cruising around the lava area with full of steam and hot air, even I can feel the temperature in a distance!! Now I make a to-do list for next year – BBQ with lava hot in the volcano! Who will join me ?


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