Mexico 2017 – Solo Sea Kayaking – Isla Espiritu Santo

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Swimming with Whale Shark, playing with sea lion face to face, watching whale bleaching under sunset alone on the unlimited long wild beach, listening to the sound of wave and fall asleep peacefully, floating on the crystal clear water with a lot of seabird wondering…… Indeed, solo sea kayaking in Baja Mexico really likes a dreaming heaven. No surprised that this is the top list of sea kayaking expedition.
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Warning: If you prepare to do this sea kayaking trip alone, Please make sure you have very good opening water sea kayaking experience and self-arrest and rescue skill. Although there is a lot of ship/boat around, they are far away from you to reach if you need helps. (sometimes there is a lot of friendly greeting too )

Expensive tourist spot – budgeting travelling way

Indeed, La Paz and Baja California like the destination of Caribbean Islands. Once you step out the airport, you are immediate to enter vacation mode. Very pleasant, dry temperature and deep blue clear sky with the sunshine ask anyone willing to pay a lot of money to come here when USA and Canada are freezing cold and snowing. However, Unless Caribbean Island, travelling in Mexico can be very affordable. Taking the local transport, eating in the supermarket, talking to people around your plan and idea make my travelling easier and cheaper. When I went kayaking rental shop, the owner said that they do not rent a kayak for a solo kayaker. But, Once I told them my sea kayaking experience in the polar region as well as worldwide. Free trip to Sea lion with kayak rental transport all included in the cheap price… Amazing game on.

Life experience – Swimming with sea lion and whale shark

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The water temperature is quite cool for me indeed….( even I used to the cold temperature). However, once you bravely jump into the water, you will be rewarded by face to face experience with the sea lion and whale shark. Sometimes they are too friendly and closely to make me scared too…..

Luxury priceless alone experience

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The best experience for me in the entire trip was the solo time in the long mile wild beach. A Very peacefully place to think and being there by watching the sunset and fall asleep.

Looking without reaching point

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The wind and current are essential of the tour. As you know I was in the budget way, therefore, I do not have the internet for weather forecast as well as communication. I just rely on the information I got before the tour and the sailors or kayakers I met on my way. However, the last day I did a bit of mistake to start my trip a bit late…..I try to wait for the wave small when I try to make the big crossing. However, the wind, as well as current, is not co-operated for me. Once I finished the crossing, the wind starts to pick up meanwhile the current start to change and against me to go ahead…..Eventually, I end up a place with less wind for sheltering……Next day, I do not have luck still. The wind changes the direction and blow toward to the beach….Indeed, I do not experience 3 rolls of the wave in front of me on the beach before I go…. After 1 hr I sit down to read the pattern of the wave, I find a breakthrough point of the wave and I push the kayak directly….Luckily, I can make my way back home in one piece.


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