The Crooning Wind: Myth and Reality Of Greenland – 3 weeks with hunter family

The Crooning Wind: Myth and Reality Of Greenland – 3 weeks with hunter family

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Sharing the same polar dream with the person I love deeply is the most happiness thing in the world. Even though love makes us be a pair of stranger already, I still keep the dream of living in Greenland. Spending a lot of research time and networking, I luckily found one hunter family willing to host me for 3 weeks in settlement of 400 inhibitions in East Greenland. To make my dream come to reality because of one promise.

The Myth of Greenland: Ice, snow, sunlight, darkness, heat, cold, caribou, seals, bears, mysticism, legends, and gods …. draw the dreamer to come and wonder in this land. First work as a naturalist guide of Greenland for a month in 2011, I do not like this Island very much: Limited-Wildlife watching, Hunting Culture, Darkness of history…etc. However, after 7 years visiting, all the thing I learned from this Island make me addicting into her. Greenland is both nearby and exotic. Nearby not just physically, halfway between Europe and North America, but nearby historically.

Childhood happiness from the bottom of the heart


Looking through the window of hosting family place when I arrived by Twin Otter and helicopter, I smile from my bottom heart after the musk ox steak dinner as a greeting from my Greenlandic father and mother. In the hunter house, there is full of the animals I used to watch alive. Hunting in here is a big thing, there is only two times provision of this settlement. To live here, you have to find your way to survive. However, the modernization of Greenland makes hunting and dog shedding traditional gone rapidly. For polar bear is good news. However, our humankind will lose one wisdom of wilderness soon.

Roaming on the Sea Ice with a dog team

Wondering in between the massive Icebergs on the sea ice with the team of the dog on the wooden shed under the golden sunset. Like the dream of heaven!! One of my favourite dog, Siku (sea-ice in Greenlandic), lived nearby the house. This is one of my dreams to have a dog around me to walk, to talk, to accompany. She always walks with me everywhere in the town. I really miss the day of working with the dog team in the deep freeze land.

The warmest Kids on this cold, heavy baggage land

Greenlandic kids make me feel pleasure when I play and interact with them. One day, I visited a classroom and talk about my Antarctic working experiences. They have a lot of interesting questions and way of thinking, which make me feel excited about their future to search for national identity. Conversation with local teachers and the doctor from the hospital to learn the other side of Greenlandic history. Although this land is lovely on the surface, this land also carries a lot of baggage as well, which give me a lesson to understand that there is no right or wrong in anything and I was confused by my views and values I held from the past until now.

The night of Green-Land

Over 50 time watching the polar light in my polar job. But, this is the best I attended so far in Greenland! Like a green powder fall from the top of my heart, head, and hand. The whole landscape is glowing with Green colour in this Greenland! This is so surreal to be me in this Greenland myth….and alert for polar bear meanwhile


Time to say goodbye to my host family in Greenland! They bring me a lot of great memory as well as learning in the edge of deep freeze place! Simple words of goodbye and nothing left.

Time to face reality!!

Thanks for several people help me to make my Greenlandic dream come true

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