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Wilson (Wai-Yin) Cheung’s was born and raised in former British Hong Kong. His works and studies allow him to roam the globe. After encountering a number of pivotal moments in the wilderness, he strongly believes that there is deep wisdom in nature. The key to uncovering  the wilderness is curiosity, which is essential to growth. Couch-surfer, backpacker, dreamer, kayaker, caver, mountaineer, adventurer, climber, hitchhiker, skier, surfer, traveler, photographer and writer; Wilson is all of these.

Since 2011, He worked as an international mountain guide, South Pole ski guide and expedition guide in polar region over 450 field days.  The most amazing polar experience for Wilson is managing an Emperor Penguin Camp at Gould Bay, the south of Weddell sea ice, for international visitors. In each Antarctic season, he spend over 4 months in Antarctic continent and peninsular region. Antarctic almost become his home….. with his tiny tent and sleeping bag as a shelter.

Wilson studied “M.A.Transcultural European Outdoor Studies” in Europe. Cross cultural psychology is his other profession. He is interested in the relationship between culture and nature, especially in the polar region. Since 2011 he has been working as the first Asian-Hong Kong polar expedition-, ski- and mountain-guide in both the Arctic and Antarctic regions. His photographs have featured in Elizabeth Leane’s book, “South Pole – Nature and Culture”. He also has worked as an expedition leader on a number of polar scientific research projects over the years.

In his off season, he always return Hong Kong to deliver lectures and semesters about polar region, expedition behavior and cross cultural psychology in university level as well as public.

His blog : https://wilsonwildernesswisdom.wordpress.com/

Besides his guiding jobs, he is running one non-profit making organization, Ecobus (http://ecobus.org.hk/), for reconnect the relationship between human and nature. In order to facilitate individual interaction with nature and enhance the environmental sense of belonging, Ecobus applied own eco-route-cycle philosophy, Enjoy-Care-Share during delivering a wide range of outdoor activities for community.


在營地古爾德灣 – 威德爾海的海冰,為國際遊客管理帝企鵝。在每個南極季節,他在南極大陸和半島地區超過4個月。南極幾乎成了他的家……在他的小帳篷,睡袋作為棲身之所。




Media Cover:

Alumnus Wilson Cheung – Hong Kong Baptist University

Intrepid expedition leader Wilson Cheung makes the world

港產極地領隊帶窮人「遊」世界- 教育- 新浪網

瑞士截順風車喜遇前總統 – 明報

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3 responses to “About Me 有關我

  1. Hi Wilson,

    I am deeply impressed by your adventure and your heart of willing to explore and your passion of life. I’d love to see more of your sharing through this blog.


  2. fantastic, inspirational, exciting

    love the title

    love the content

    cant wait to melt into your words and imagery

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