Current project/expedition 現在計劃


Current Photography project:

1. European Mountain Landscape Photography – a collection of whole European Mountain Landscape
2. Commercial Outdoor products

Expedition List in 2017

  1. 21 days Back-country ski expedition in Wyoming, USA (FEB.2017) (Ski)
  2. Amazon River Cruising, Peru (FEB.2017) (Cruise)
  3. Private Tour in the Arctic (FEB-MAR.2017) (Polar expedition)
  4. Private Tour in Iceland and Norway (APR.2017) (Mountaineering, Ski, Caving)
  5. Private Tour in Middle East (APR-MAY.2017) (Mountaineering, Culture)
  6. Trekking in Afghanistan (May.2017) (Trek)
  7. Trekking in North West Iceland (JUL.2017) (Trek)
  8. Sea Kayaking in Faroe Islands (JUL.2017) (Sea Kayaking)
  9. Austrian & Swiss Alps ( AUG.2017) (Mountaineering + Touring)

Expedition List in 2016

  1. South pole + Emperor Penguin Camp + Mt Vinson (Nov.2015 – JAN.2016)
  2. Solo Aconcagua (JAN.2016) (cancel due to bad weather)
  3. Paraguay + Bolivia + Peru (FEB.2016)
  4. Antarctica peninsula (MAR.2016)
  5. Ski to Norway Nordland  (APR.2016)
  6. Czech mountain (APR.2016)
  7. Alaska expedition (Jun-Jul.2016)
  8. Iceland > Norway > Longyearbyen TV programme casting (Jul.2016)
  9. Swiss Alps (Jul-AUG.2016)
  10. Kamchatka to Japan(Aug-Sep.2015)
  11. Cuba Snorkeling (Relax eventually)

Expedition List in 2015 

  1. Antarctica-Union Glacier (NOV.2014 – JAN.2015)
  2. Chile + Argentina mountain (ski) tour (end JAN – early MAR.2015)
  3. Antarctic peninsula (Early MAR.2015, 20 days)
  4. Ski mountain tour (Piz Bernina 4049m) (Early April. 2015) or Aletsch Glacier (S Jungfrau + Morch)
  5. Middle east job (APR-MAY.2015) – Iraq oil research
  6. Snow Leopard Awarad – Pik Lenin (7134m) or Khan Tengri Tajikistan/Kyrgyzstan (JUN-JUL.2015)
  7. Alps Tour, Dent Blanche, Weisshorn (AUG.2015)
  8. Svalbard, Norway, Greenland (AUG.2015)
  9. Alps Tour, Zinalrothorn, Ober Gabelhorn (SEP.2015)
  10. Hong Kong (OCT.2015) TBC



Expedition List in 2014

Argentina/Chile mountaineering trip (FEB/MAR.2014) confirm – 10-14 days to summit some high peak in southern part of Argentina/Chile.
Antarctica mountaineering trip (MAR.2014) – 10 days in Antarctic Peninsula
Norway ski-mountaineering tour (17 days) (April.2014) – Central Norway, nearby Sweden border hut to tent to hut ski trip
Georgia and Armenia – mountaineering tour (May-June.2014)
The Arctic (Norway) + Iceland (June -July.2014)
Mt Rosa south range, Italy  (July.2014)
Mt Nadelhron, Swiss Alps (August.2014)
The Arctic (Norway)  (August.2014)
Greenland + Canadian Arctic (September.2014)
Hong Kong (October. 2014) (at least 2 week over stop)
Antarctica (November.2014- January. 2015)

Expedition List in 2013

1. Finland (22.FEB to 4.MAR.2013) DONE
2. Norway (5-19.APR.2013) Done
3. North Africa mountaineering trip (22.MAY – 6.JUN.2013) Done
4. Austrian Alps (end of JUN, 10 days) Done
5. Greenland (14-28.AUG.2013 & 5.SEP-14.SEP.2013)
6. Swiss Alps mountaineering (end of SEP)
7. Taiwan tour (early of OCT.2013)
8. Antarctica, kayaking and mountaineering (NOV to FEB.2014)

The expedition/ project is planning:
1. Central Asia mountaineering/wildlife project
2. Kamchatka mountaineering/wildlife project

More record of the expeditions/projects in the past HERE

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