Outdoor kit 戶外裝備

The outdoor gear I used in the field:



Osprey backpacks offer a durable with great features for my working in the outdoor setting.

  1. Osprey: Aether 70 series updated – For long trekking/backpacking trip, this backpack also good for multi-days of ski mountaineering trip
  2. Osprey Variant 52 – excellent for Alpine style with lovely color and polar region
  3. Osprey Hornet 32 – unbelievable Ultra-weight pack to bring you full comfortable to explore backcountry/outdoor



Re.ech.o is a great outdoor clothing brand in Hong Kong with eco-philosophical approach to the field

  1. Re.ech.o Downtek x primaloft, HYBRID DOWN JACKET – outstanding DOWNTEK plus primaloft in the market, which even keep you warm in any condition, even wet, rainy day
  2. Aqualight Jacket and Pant – unbelievable Ultra-weight breathable, waterproof clothings, excellent in summer/full alpine mountaineering.
  3. Imperial Down Jacket – unbeatable super Ultra-weight down jacket in the market with super warm feature. Excellent in the polar region for my expedition



  1. Jetboil– very reliable, durable (5 years already) to work very well in every condition, even in my Antarctic expedition

Communication :


Amazon Kindle 3g  – 3g internet give me updated weather prediction in long expedition…. sometime even can get the internet in Antarctica as well. For sure, I read a lot in Kindle in the bad weather condition as well.


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