Pedagogy 教育學

Here is a list conference / slideshows that I offer/share as an educational workshop /seminar / lecture/ sharing.  

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Personal experience and travel diaries

Make your dream – How to work in travelling the world Make your dream – How to work in travelling the world – as an Expedition guide, Mountain guide and Photographer, every corner of the world is my temperature office for earn my life. I will share my way to earn for living by conversation photography.

The playground of MountaineeringThe playground of Mountaineering – As a mountain guide and mountaineer, I love to stay and visit in the mountains worldwide. In the mountain, I love totally to a part of mountain. Mountain is really part of my life.

RGSK2K – Kazakhstan to Kyrgyzstan – Very impressive journey to explore the Tian Shan Mountain between Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Self Guide expedition with a lot of Unexpectable things happened.

iran_頁面_1Central Asia Serial (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Iran) – Being a student in Almaty, Kazakhstan. There is a lot of things you may not know about Central Asia.

The Polar regions

  Presentation1 Working and Living in Antarctica – When I am young, I always dream about visiting Antarctica. In 2012, I am so lucky that I am able to be a expedition guide in Antarctica.

Welcome Icy world – everything about ice Welcome Icy world – everything about ice – From Sea Ice to iceberg to Glacier, you will understand how important of the ice

Biodiversity and Wilderness

 12 Question & Answer Penguins12 Question & Answer: Penguins – In order to disclose the myth of Penguin, here is a time to answer all questions about penguins.

Impressive creatures of southern OceanAn impressive creature of southern Ocean – In the southern Ocean, is an isolation ecosystem in the earth. There is a lot of impressive fact of the creatures to set here as home.

The myth and legend of Northern landThe myth and legend of Northern land – There is a lot of unknown of Northern land. As a part of my master studying, we will disclose some interesting cultural of Arctic Circle.


 The most unsuccessful success journey - Ernest ShackletonThe most unsuccessful success journey – Ernest Shackleton – Very inspired stories in the Antarctic exploration. And, I will bring some critical points for you.

The race of polar explorationThe race of polar exploration – From north to South, you will understand how and why explorers love this place so much

Mountaineering Oslo History of mountaineering – Mountaineering: from the Age of Empire to the Age of Extremes – As a part of my master studying, it is interesting to disclose the interpretation of mountains landscape in different century

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